Membership and Volunteer forms are at below.

A) All persons interested in the arts in any form are eligible to become members. Members in good standing are entitled to attend general and special meetings; to vote on all questions coming before the membership; to volunteer for open positions, to hold office and serve on standing or special committees.

B) Members are welcome to bring concerns and questions before the board meetings upon the invitation of the board. Harlem Arts Council (HAC) strives for an open dialog between HAC members and the HAC Board.

C) Membership dues and privileges may be determined by the Board. Only those persons whose membership is paid for the current year will be members in good standing. HAC dues will be $25 per year. Senior citizen rate (over 62 yr.) will be $15 per year. All persons interested in becoming members may attend one general HAC meeting without dues payment. Dues not paid by active members within 4 months shall result in relinquish of HAC membership. Members are encouraged to attend the HAC monthly general meetings

D) HAC will require artistic and talented instructors to become members of the council either prior to their first class or after they have taught just one class. To teach a second class, the instructor must become a member.

E) Benefits to becoming a member of HAC include:

a. discounted booth space at HAC events,

b. community exposure of member’s art, via HAC Open Houses, annual events and local art sales,

c. an opportunity to be part of a juried art event,

d. an opportunity to teach,

e. special learning opportunities like our electronic media class

f. and finally the enjoyment of associating yourself with other artists as friends and mentors.

F) The Board may, at its discretion call for a vote to terminate the membership of any person at any time by returning that person's current dues if any. The Board may accept a resignation on behalf of all members.

G) Fees:

$25/year for Single member

$50/year for Two adults and their dependents

$15/year for those over 62-years young